injured child in the bed with professionals

Looking for a Meaningful Career Opportunity? Consider These Ideas

Doctors and nurses diagnose, treat, and provide care to patients. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are the first responders to medical emergencies and provide critical care. First Responders are the first on the scene when there’s an accident or emergency. Scientists develop new medicines and treatments, as well as conduct research to help us better understand …

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How to Hone Your Child’s Interest in Mathematics

Be a role model and demonstrate enthusiasm for math to help your children understand and master it. Enroll them in a public STEM charter school that provides an academically rigorous curriculum with access to technology and experiences. Take advantage of educational resources such as online games, apps, and other interactive activities to help them learn. …

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children playing together

Budget-Friendly Ways to Help Your Child Get More Active

• Physical activities train children to be more active and help them stay healthy. • Take advantage of available free activities, such as virtual activities, sports leagues, and outdoor parks. • Trampoline sessions at the park provide a fun and affordable way to get your kids active. • Turn everyday chores into games to help …

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