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Blocking Sundays for Personal Time

You have seven days a week, five of which are spent on work if you have a full-time job. If you have side hustles, work might also be infringing on your weekends, leaving you with little room to recharge and prepare for yet another work week. It feels like your job never gets done, and you don’t have time to breathe.

If this is the lifestyle you’re used to, you’re one overtime away from burnout. It’s time to start being kind to yourself, and Sunday is the perfect way to do this.

Sundays Are for Family Catch-ups

If you think it’s hard to gather the family around the dinner table on weekdays, the day to do it is on Sunday. Everyone is busy with work and school the rest of the week, and on Saturday, all they want to do is stay in bed or hang out with friends. You’d probably use this time for a lash lift, a spa treatment, or a decluttering of your room in Salt Lake City. With everyone doing their own thing, even though it’s the weekend, it’s hard to share a meal. But not to worry. Sunday is a day away, and it’s when people prefer to stay home, sleep in, and think about the looming weekdays. It’s the perfect time to complete your cycle of relaxation with your family around you.

Sundays Are for Self-care

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Whether you’re into yoga, meal prepping, or coloring, Sunday is the perfect day to think of nothing else but yourself. On workdays, you’re glued to your e-mail and your computer that you hardly have any time to look around you, much less look at yourself and think about what you need. Your weekend is an excellent way to get in tune with your self and to address any issues that might be bothering you. This way, you will not bring over your stress to the next week, so you will be able to start anew. When you don’t deal with these issues and leave them unresolved for a long time, the anxiety that you’re holding on to will also grow.

Sundays Are for Saying No

As much as you want to go to every party that your friends invite you to, if you want some time for yourself, go ahead and say no. Decline those invitations to a shopping spree, which will only lead to you spending most of your weekly budget anyway. All the emails you don’t intend to reply to? Delete them. Do this for the messages on your phone, as well. Stay away from social media so that you will not feel like you’re missing out. The best form of self-care need not cost anything. Just know what you want to do and what you don’t want to do, and respond accordingly.

It might seem like a big decision to block Sundays for your personal needs, but in the long run, this will keep you productive and happy. No matter how busy the rest of your week goes, you’ll always have one day to think of nothing else but your own needs.


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