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Fascinating Facts About Your Toddler’s Amazing Capabilities

When your pregnancy test announced the arrival of your baby around two to three years ago, you probably wanted to know everything you could about this future family member. Just when you seem to know everything about your child as a baby, they surprise you with what they can do as a toddler. Here are a few amazing and essential facts about your preschooler’s skills, interests, and abilities.


Toddlers, by nature, are curious explorers. However, they will use all their senses to discover these new experiences and knowledge, so be careful with whatever it is you give them. Expect your child to put these items in their mouths or throw them around. Also, their sense of hearing has been proven to be more acute than adults. By the way, they are experts at observing and mimicking their elders. Therefore, it is critical to choose the right toddler school in Phoenix and avoid discount day care services where they can pick up bad habits and get traumatized by negative experiences.

Language Skills

Yes, all those goo-goos and da-das have turned into words that you can now identify and understand. That’s because toddlers can easily pick up words and their meanings even at their age. It’s a linguistic explosion of some sort where they can learn an average of one word within two hours. Of course, just because they understand them doesn’t mean that they can already use them. In most cases, your kids will continually repeat and use words that they’re more comfortable with.

Physical Prowess

These kids have a better chance of learning if their bodies is in action because their brains are more active when they’re physically involved with their discoveries. Examples of such learning activities involve stalking blocks, drawing, and even feeding themselves. Surprisingly, they are ambidextrous even at the early age of one. Take note that they also learn most of their mobility skills, such as walking, jumping, climbing, running and even tricycle riding, during the first two to three years of their lives.

Mental Activity

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Not a day goes by that toddlers will try to learn something new, and it’s not surprising. Not only are their bodies and senses continually active, but their minds are also at their optimum and have a higher rate of learning than adults. It’s in these early stages in life that one thousand trillion brain connections are formed, and that’s twice the number of an average adult’s count. No wonder a typical four-year-old would ask more than 400 questions on an average day. They will insist on your answering them, too.

Parents view their children as a source of joy and pride. That is the case when you realize the true potential of these little tots and how their bodies and minds work. Although many of the facts here are common among most youngsters, it’s your responsibility as a parent to find the unique skills, talents, and characteristics of your child. Remember that your child is special, and they will only feel that if you truly treat them as such. This parental principle is applicable whatever age your children are.


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