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For Expats: How to Help Your Kids Adjust and Feel at Home

Life as an international business consultant, trainer, lawyer or diplomat may be fun and exciting. You travel all over the world for work and in the process, get to see different countries and experience various cultures.

It is a constant vacation for many, but there are some who seek the permanence of being able to grow roots and develop lasting relationships. Children of expats often feel this way since they have to bounce around from school to school while their parents travel.

Finding a suitable international school for your children is a great option. This type of school has an internationally approved curriculum and hosts kids from different nationalities. The standards here are the same with international schools in other countries, which means that your children will be able to continue their studies with the least difficulty in case you need to transfer to another assignment.

International schools in Manila enjoy a healthy enrolment rate because of the location, areas of expertise and strong ties with the community. This just proves that there is more to choosing a school than just a good sounding name.

Ensure a Smooth Transition

Starting at a brand new school can be a huge challenge for any kid. Help make the academic transition as smooth as possible for your children. Take time to sit down with the school heads and administrators to get to know the house rules.

Get in touch with an expatriate like you who have stayed in the country and inquire for any advice in regards to the educational system of the place. Are there any first-hand experiences and setbacks you can learn from?

Think of What Your Children Will Like

Ask yourself what your children like about school. Alternatively, what are the factors that would cause them not to like the new school environment? This can be a great starting point in finding the right school. You are in the best position to assess what kind of environment your kids will thrive in.

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If they are into sports like soccer, lacrosse or tennis, for instance, find one that has a strong athletics program. On the other hand, if your children are more into theatre and other forms of the arts, this should be what you focus on when you inquire.

Be Part of the School Community

Finding the right international school for expat children is also training for parents like you. Learn exactly how you can be a part of the community and be involved. Commit time to volunteer and make the school community a big part of your kid’s life.

You can also get acquainted with the other parents and make sure to be present in all the important school events, whether or not your children are involved. This will ensure that your time overseas will be more enriching and meaningful. It will also help your kids adjust much faster to the new country, culture and environment.

Besides these points, it will also help to have a look at the school curriculum and if it conforms to international standards. This will help you and your children in case you need to move to a different country for a new assignment. While moving is certainly not easy on kids, knowing that they can pick up from where they left off in terms of lessons and modules is a big advantage.


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