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Health-conscious Living: Top 6 Healthiest Careers Today

Why is it that when people are applying for a job, they barely consider whether a particular job is physically and mentally healthy for them? People understand its importance but hardly ever pay attention to their choice of career.

For those starting to realize that they can actually make a living while maintaining physical and mental health, this list is a must-read.

Fitness Instructor

This career landed the number spot for the obvious reason that they get the most amount of exercise compared to the rest in the list.

According to research, 90,000 hours are being spent at work in a lifetime. Just imagine having that much amount of time spent in muscle building. This career helps and motivates other people to become fit and healthy, while becoming the healthiest version of themselves, too.

Concerning the demand, the national adult obesity in the U.S. has reached 42.4 % — the highest ever recorded. With this growing problem and the mounting public health concern today, based on market research, fitness instructor’s jobs will continue to expand in the coming years.

Health Coach

This career is a new breed of medical professionals. Its $7 billion service industry shows that the demand for this job today is high. Not surprising though. People are still living in the middle of a global health crisis and health coaches’ demand will continue to rise.

So what exactly do they do? Through motivational interviewing, a health coach helps people with health issues such as weight loss, stress, reduction, exercise, improving diet, chronic condition management, and more.

This is one of the healthiest jobs around because a health coach needs to walk the talk before he can coach others.

While anyone can declare themselves a ‘coach’, certification is still an advantage to ensure that they can deliver their job properly. Besides that, those who have undergone certified health coach training programs are still preferable to clients and employers.

Yoga teacher


Being healthy is not just about having great shape and strong muscles. It is also about improving well-being.

A yoga teacher leads students to perform different kinds of yoga poses, meditate, and practice mindfulness. This shows that both physical fitness and mental wellness are being trained—making it one of the healthiest jobs one can ever have in the world.

Considering how stressful the world is today, from losing jobs to self-isolation, people could use some stress-relieving activity like yoga.

Food Nutritionist

With the previously mentioned careers, one can not stay fit without a proper diet. This is where a food nutritionist job comes in useful. Food nutritionists are equipped with the knowledge necessary to build a healthy relationship with food. His clients reach out to him for advice on how to lead a healthier lifestyle in terms of consuming food.

Nutritionists recognize the significance of having a healthy diet in his life, therefore he will be the first one to benefit from it before any clients.


The physical activity of a gardener may not come close to a fitness instructor but still, it is way better than those who work at a desk. They spend a lot of time outdoors in the greenery.

Their job requires calorie-burning activities such as planting, plant watering, digging, plant picking, and more. Gardening is an excellent way to strengthen a person’s well-being because it reduces stress, boosts mood, and makes one happy.

In essence, a gardener’s job is one of the healthiest jobs because it involves high levels of physical activity in relaxing surroundings.


Just like the gardener, this career involves lots of physical activities. What makes them part of this list is because this job knows the importance of good body practices, and supports it. Most chiropractors see their job as more of a vocation than a business which contributes to their happiness and satisfaction thus resulting in a healthy mental state.

Chiropractors are individuals licensed to manipulate body joints using their hands and sometimes special instruments. Most common body problems it address is back pain, headache, neck pain, and more.

The demand for chiropractors is expected to rise from 2019 to 2029 giving people more room to be healthy with their career choice.

Everybody wants to achieve a healthy physical and mental state however their passion will not always align with the careers mentioned here. So no matter what career a person chooses, he must create a healthy work-life balance. Divide the time to nourish all areas of life. Make time to balance everything outside work. Anything is possible for those who have the motivation and will.


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