Should You Dare Make a Career Change During the Pandemic?

The pandemic has forced the entire human race to reevaluate their priorities in life. As offices shut down and parties are barred, many are looking back at their former habits and routines, reflecting on how they spent their days and nights, and resolving to be happier, be healthier, and better overall.

Naturally, this has led some toward examining the decisions they made in their careers. Those who were miserable in their current jobs are now asking themselves if this is something they want to continue doing for the rest of their lives or is it time to switch jobs. The lockdown has given a lot of people more control over their time which means that they can finally gain new skills and maybe pursue a profession that will provide them personal fulfillment.

However, is this the right time to switch careers? Millions of people have lost their jobs in the United States last year and, although the economy is recovering from a recession, things likely would not go back to normal for a while.

During times like what everyone is going through right now, making life-changing decisions is often postponed in favor of making a living. But, in some cases, a pivot is not only favorable but warranted. Leaving your old job for a new one may not be a bad idea.

Assessing Opportunities Available to You

Switching to a new job is always a risk. Even without a deadly pandemic, the process of entering another field as a professional is a precarious undertaking that requires high amounts of time, hard work, and patience. With the current global crisis, opportunities are likely scant in many sectors.

However, in some industries, now is the right time to make the transition. There are services that are in high demand despite or because of the pandemic. This will make finding success in your venture possible.

COVID-19 has resulted in the public’s greater awareness of health. With no effective cure for the illness, the best way to avoid infection and hospitalization is to boost the immune system through eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. An expert in physical health, therefore, is no longer just for celebrities. Normal folks now want access to a nutritionist or a health coach. To individuals who want to get into this type of business, there are certified health coach training programs open to anyone.

As a health coach, you can design a fitness and nutrition plan that is specific to your client’s needs and present lifestyle. The demand for a health coach and similar services is unlikely to decline after the pandemic as people try to maintain a healthy lifestyle as they grow older.

Knowing the market is always a requirement when it comes to stepping into a new venture. It minimizes the risk and increases the potential for success.

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Creating Multiple Paths to Success

There is no one linear path toward success, especially right now. People who want to transition to another career should not be too attached to the plans they have created for themselves. Instead, they should be open to new opportunities that appear in front of them.

Especially right now when nothing is normal, your journey can divert from what you originally envisioned. For example, if you cannot find steady employment, you can go freelance. Who knows? Establishing your own practice could lead to better career satisfaction later on.

Undertaking Self-Improvement Projects

The pandemic and the resulting shelter at home orders are giving people more time to cultivate their skills and knowledge. The internet is rife with resources that are available to anyone. Coursera is a platform for learning and it gives away certificates, many of which are from the best academic institutions in the world. There is also Skillshare, a website where professionals offer virtual classes to teach subscribers any skill, including writing, photography, photo editing, etc. A masterclass is similar but with world-acclaimed personalities sharing tips about various topics to the audience.

A career change can lead to greater overall happiness. In one survey, people who transitioned to another profession were 65% less stressed, 69% more fulfilled, 75% more satisfied, and 77% happier. The majority of them do not regret the decision and said that they wish they made the switch much earlier.

There will always be a risk associated with a career change. The uncertainties that come with the pandemic make it harder to decide to leave cushiony employment in search of something that will lead to happiness. But, it should not prevent anyone from taking a chance.


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