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Things to Make Summer Productive for Kids

Many parents have always been in a quandary on what their kids can do over the summer. And with summer around a month away, they may be looking for activities their kids can do safely, especially with the pandemic still not yet over.

While the authorities already administered more than 230 million doses of the virus, it’s still uncertain when life would get back to normal. Despite this, children can still have a productive summer even if they stay home for the most part.

Here are some things that children can do to make their summer productive.

Attend Summer Class

During the school year, the children had to learn the fundamental subjects of mathematics, science, reading, language arts, and social studies. But for summer, they can learn the things they like to do after classes, like drawing, cooking, or even coding.

The children can learn to play the piano from teachers who know how to handle kids. While it can be challenging to learn this musical instrument online, it can happen if the teacher lives nearby and already received the full dose of the vaccine to ensure the children are protected.

If the children are quite advanced for their age, they may even consult with an expert at the US Geological Survey when they start their rock collection. An online reading club is also a good idea for children who are voracious readers. The important thing here is that the children acquire a new skill over the summer to make them productive during the break.

Volunteer for Nonprofit Organizations

Parents who want to teach children some life skills can encourage them to do volunteer work. While volunteering in these nonprofits may depend on the situation when summer comes, it offers many benefits for the children. Volunteering is not simply helping other people who have less in life. It is also one way for the children to learn life skills that they will need in the future.

Volunteering allows the children to connect with people from different walks of life. It also allows them to make new friends outside of their school and neighborhood. The knowledge that they made a difference in another person’s life can also make them happy. It also builds their self-confidence and gives them a sense of purpose. Therefore, volunteering offers many benefits for the children as much as they can help other people.

Volunteer work does not always mean the children have to go to the site to help. They can help other people even if they stay at home. For instance, if they have a 3d printer, they can make mask extenders for people who have to wear a mask the whole day, such as medical personnel.

Make a Podcast

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Technology has made it easier for children to do a lot of interesting things over the summer. One thing they can do is to make their podcast. While this is ideal for older kids, younger children can still do it with the help of their parents.

A podcast is similar to an internet radio that people can access at any time. This is a medium that kids can explore to put out their stories for the world to hear. They can even combine their love for reading with making a podcast. They can use the podcast to talk about their take on a book they read recently. The kids can even create a podcast about their hobbies. Podcasting is a great way for the kids to delve deeper into their hobbies.

But one thing they should remember is to avoid giving too much information about their personal lives on the podcast. They should avoid giving personal information such as where they live or their phone numbers. The kids can limit the podcast to their interests or hobbies. They can also make a podcast with a friend or a neighbor.

Decorate the Room

Since the kids are not keen on cleaning their room, the parents can let them decorate it instead. They can give the kids a bit of leeway when they decorate the room and give them the responsibility of ensuring it stays the way it looks. The kids will feel a sense of independence when their parents allow them to decide on how they will decorate the room.

With this, the kids will have the urge to clean and maintain it since they will feel proud of how they decorated the room. Additionally, the parent will not have to tell the kids to clean up their rooms anymore because, at this point, the kids will do it without any prodding from their parents.

Even as the pandemic has limited the kids’ summer activities, they can still make it productive through different activities they can do in the comfort of their homes.


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