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Parenting 101: College Shopping with Your Kids

Do you believe in the age-old saying that mothers know best? This proverb may not exactly be true. A college professor told The Washington Post reporter that kids should choose their career path. Allowing your child to choose their career path lessens their emotional burden because they know themselves best. They can choose the subjects which will work well with their strengths. Thus, they build themselves up for success.

Of course, they can only do this with your guidance. Your input can lead to self-awareness.  With your loving direction, they can assess their strengths and weaknesses. If your child does not yet know which career path to choose, the two of you should list the different jobs available for that particular profession. This task is a bit overwhelming, so allow us to enumerate the numerous employment opportunities.


A degree in psychology opens up several job opportunities for your child. They can stay in the academic world as a counselor or a teacher. Or they can venture out to other industries and become an HR generalist. If your child likes to interact with little kids, encourage him to become a guidance counselor of a pre-kindergarten. This profession is helpful nowadays, especially with the pandemic. This age group is also emotionally affected by the global catastrophe.

Even before Covid-19, experts have seen depressed toddlers. This New York Times article recounted a parents’ tale of their dejected son. Depression is not the only emotional disorder that afflicts this age group. Some kids suffer from ADHD. If you witness your daughter excel in negotiation, encourage her to join the private sector. This skill will come in handy when she mediates warring factions in an office setting.


This career path also opens several choices for your child. As a CPA, she can join the IRS as a tax specialist or as an auditor. Or she can opt to become a teacher. AICPA enumerates the numerous options. If she proceeds with this course, she is exposed to theoretical monetary matters. This knowledge allows her to take up further studies in economy or finance. This step will open more doors for your daughter.

Usually, CPAs lead investment houses. They can help their clients understand the intricate world of the stock market. Being trained to make financial results, they can explain if a particular company is financially stable. As a result, their patrons make a profitable decision. Other than operating a brokerage firm, an accountant can work in the finance department. Their choices vary in this account. They can become a comptroller or a finance manager.


Children often look up to their idols and want to follow in their footsteps. The current crisis created Dr. Anthony Fauci into a superstar. If your child thinks highly of him or other modern-day heroes, encourage him to take up medicine.

If they are seriously considering such a career path, they should take up a course that is related to this field. They may choose nursing or biology. Either of these can help them prepare for the path ahead of them.

Before they take any college entrance exam, you need to talk to them about the challenges awaiting them. This course is not for the weak-hearted, so they must understand how grueling this career is. To help them prepare more, you can enroll them in pure biology tuition. End this conversation by reminding them of your continuous support.

The Arts

If you have seen your child’s artistic nature, encourage him to choose a course that plays to his talents. They can be a music major. If they can capture the beauty of nature, they could take up subjects that focus on arts.

Berklee offers several options for those who want to take up a music major. Although Sir Paul McCartney did not pursue a proper college degree, his parents encouraged his love of music. His father gave him a trumpet for his fourteenth birthday. If your son sees a future in acting, he can enroll in Juilliard School. This institution trains its students in the performing arts. Initially, it was established as the Institute of Musical Arts. But it currently offers undergraduate degrees in drama, music, and dance.

Julliard School has several notable alumni. Beatrice “Bebe” Neuwirth studied dancing in this institution. In their drama division, Val Kilmer is one of its more illustrious alumni. At the time of his acceptance, he was the youngest student to join the prestigious school. As for their music school, Henry Mancini was one of their most memorable students.

College is a fun and memorable time for your child. It is also stressful. But with your support, they can succeed in whatever career path they have taken.


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