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Reasons to Join the Security Industry in the U.S.

  • The security industry offers job security, competitive salaries, and professional growth opportunities.
  • Professionals in the security industry provide essential services to keep people and businesses safe.
  • To join the security industry, training and certification are required.
  • Building a professional network and pursuing professional development are essential for success in the field.

The security industry is one of the fastest-growing fields in the United States, and for a good reason. With a highly dynamic and evolving work environment, competitive salaries, and opportunities for professional growth, joining the security industry can be an excellent career choice for anyone looking for a challenging and rewarding profession. The industry is worth over $170 billion, with room to grow. Here are some of the top reasons to join the security industry in the U.S.

Job Security and Stability

One of the main reasons to join the security industry is the job security and stability it offers. In a world where threats and risks continue to escalate, the demand for security professionals is only growing.

Security companies and businesses across the country always need skilled and trained personnel to protect their assets, property, employees, and customers. This means job stability for professionals in the security industry, with opportunities for long-term employment, benefits, and retirement plans.

Giving Salary

Competitive Salaries

Joining the security industry can also mean excellent pay and benefits for professionals. Depending on the job, experience, and location, security professionals can earn competitive salaries that reflect their skills and expertise. For example, security guards can earn as much as $30,000 once they get the right job.

In addition, most security companies offer other benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, retirement plans, and bonuses. This means that professionals can support themselves and their families while enjoying a challenging and exciting career in the security industry.

Professional Growth Opportunities

The security industry is not just about watching cameras and patrolling the premises. It is a dynamic and multifaceted field requiring various skills and knowledge. This means security professionals have opportunities to grow professionally, learn new skills, and advance their careers. Whether it’s training in crisis management, leadership, cybersecurity, or other areas, security companies invest in their employees to help them reach their full potential.

Critical Role in Keeping People and Businesses Safe

Perhaps the essential reason to join the security industry is the professionals’ critical role in keeping people and businesses safe. Security professionals are responsible for preventing crimes, responding to emergencies, enforcing regulations, and maintaining order. They work closely with law enforcement, emergency responders, and other professionals in their community to protect the public and maintain public safety. This means that security professionals make a difference daily, providing valuable services that help create safer and more secure environments for everyone.

How to Get Started

If you’re interested in joining the security industry, there are several steps to take. Here are those steps:

Choose Your Security Specialization

The first thing you need to do is decide which security area you want to specialize in. There are various security domains in which you can work, such as information security, physical security, and others. Determine which area you are most interested in and passionate about.

Training at work


First, it’s essential to get training. Standard security training is excellent to get you started. However, the best kind of training is high-quality armed security training. Armed security is the most advanced form of security and requires extensive training. It utilizes firearms, defensive tactics, and advanced communication techniques.


The next step is to get certified. Most security jobs require at least a basic level of certification from the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services (BSIS). This means passing an exam and fulfilling other requirements as necessary.

Develop a Professional Network

Networking is essential in the security industry, and building a professional network can open doors to new opportunities and career advancement. Attend industry conferences, join professional associations, and connect with professionals through social media and other online platforms. Building a professional network will help you stay updated with industry developments and trends.

Pursue Professional Development

Finally, pursuing professional development and upskilling opportunities throughout your career is essential. The security industry is constantly evolving, and staying current with new technologies, threats, and best practices is essential. Consider pursuing additional training, attending industry conferences, and obtaining professional certifications to stay competitive.

The security industry is a fascinating and rewarding field to join. It can be a great career choice with plenty of job security, excellent pay, and room for professional growth. However, getting started requires the proper training and certifications to ensure you succeed in this highly competitive industry. So if you’re ready to enter the security industry, follow these steps to start your journey today!


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