Understanding the Pigging Process

Professional pipeline service companies use many different tools, techniques, and processes for a variety of pipeline service needs. One of those services includes pigging, and as the attached video notes, is a general maintenance process for pipelines. There is also pigging equipment, including the pig (plug) itself that is necessary for every pigging process.

Many pigging operations involve a tool, sometimes called a launcher, to insert the pig into the pipeline.

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In many cases, the pig will be propelled through the pipeline, requiring the pig to be inserted past the primary feed valve. From here, the pipeline is generally opened up, and the pig is then pushed through the system in order to complete the pigging process.

There are also many types and styles of pigging systems. From dewatering to cleaning and even general maintenance, pigging serves as a valuable service for pipelines and can improve the function and even extend the life of pipelines. The type of pigging equipment used is typically dictated by the type of pigging job. The good news is that most professional pipeline service companies can help with most of your pigging and pipeline maintenance needs and help your pipeline system operate more effectively and efficiently too.


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