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Boosting Your Chance to Land a Job Without a College Degree

In a highly competitive job market, getting a degree might seem to be the edge a job seeker would need to land a job. It’s the best way to stand out, so the experts say. And it would seem that the numbers definitely give such a claim a needed boost. College graduates, survey details, land 57% more job openings compared to those who have no degree to brandish. That can certainly put a damper on your drive to zero in on a job this summer.

Before thinking your prospects are dim, there’s good news for you. First up, America is looking better than the last year 2020, when the virus seems to have caught us off-guard and largely incapacitated. There’s a post-pandemic burst that boils into greater demand, though, technically, we’re still in the pandemic. For one, the demand for labour increased by as much as 268,000, totaling 7.4 million in the last days of February. That’s even 5.1% higher than the 2019 pre-pandemic level.

And the best part is you can land a job even when you lack a college degree. Listed below are pointers to increase your chances and find work — like many undergraduates and high schoolers before.

Focus Yourself in the Right Field

You’d break your heart if you apply for jobs that need a college diploma or an MBA or a specialization. Jobs such as an engineer, a doctor, or a lawyer will undoubtedly require you to show you’ve finished the needed degree and further studies.

Instead of focusing on such higher-education jobs, focus on jobs that won’t require a diploma. There are thousands of opportunities in customer service, technology, administration, and writing. Also, you can explore work-from-home jobs where you act as a virtual assistant to company executives and business people.

Get Training

Let’s face it. When two job applicants have similar qualities, and the other one has more education and training achieved, it’s a no-brainer. The job almost always goes to the more learned candidate. That’s why pursuing secondary training or additional education can boost your chances of landing your first job. Even better, training can be timely preparation for the job at hand.

In this regard, you might want to look into spot-on training facilities that provide Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) if you’ve had work experience before. When you enrol in an RPL training center, their experts will assess the skills and knowledge you’ve received from your previous jobs and stints. If warranted, you can get timely recognition of your trade skills so that you can forge a more advantageous career path ahead.

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Deploy an Impressive Resume and Cover Letter

Even when you’ve not earned your degree, it doesn’t mean you lost already. You should highlight how you can be the person the hiring company needs. Your resume and cover letter are essential to that; make them impressive.

It’s simple. You should be the answer the company is looking for. To start your journey, highlight work experiences and skills that are most relevant to the job you’re applying for. You need to do your homework for this. If you’ve had more experience than education, for instance, you need to capitalize on that. If you’re not sure, do your due diligence and see sample resumes and cover letters online.

Come Prepared

In a way, this is like a casting call. You might not have to do some acting or dance your way to impress HR, but you will have to impress them. So before that online interview, prep and do your homework. Research the job description and see what qualities do you have that are a perfect match.

Additionally, research the company. When you know what you’re facing, you’d be in a better position to tailor your talk and sell yourself as the solution the company needs. Online resources should get you going.

Also, this means that you ready yourself for the interview. Research answers beforehand. Most interview questions can be found online, their answers including.

Measure Up and Flex Your Muscles

Whether you like it or not, the interviewer might want to check your ability to follow directions. It’s a great way to know your intelligence. To this end, pay attention to what the hiring personnel is asking of you.

Double-check your work and see if you have grammatical errors or wrong spelling in your submission. If things are unclear, learn to raise a query to obtain clarity. That way, you can be in a better position to stay ahead of the competition.

Never Give Up

In situations like this, never throw in the towel. Finding a well-paying job is a process. Even those who have earned a degree know it can be an uphill climb. But if you are willing to improve every time and continue to send those application letters, you’re closer to landing a great job as each day passes.


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